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  1. The distance from Macao to W4 land is one of the longest paths according to VOACAP.
    Please study the times of peak propagation on the higher bands. The last expedition to Macao was active at peak times but not listening for Stateside. Due to the decline of this sunspot cycle this may be one of the last chances for contacts till the next cycle.
    73, Paul, W4FC

    1. Please look for East Coast USA on RTTY at our sunrise on 30/40 (1100-1130 UTC) . Have heard you weakly, but cannot get through JAs.

      Good luck with your operation… It sounds like you are having fun!

      73, PeteR N8PR

  2. Congratulations guys hope all goes well and you be on air soon.
    Janusz I got my licence today as well. Make a photo with a bronze
    statue down stairs out front wall of burned cathedral. It’s Macau
    landmark. All the best

  3. Crazy this morning (1200Z) on 30 RTTY V73D at 10137 listening up 1-3 and you were at 10137.77 transceive. No possible way for US to break JA pile under normal condx, impossible today. Please try RTTY 30/40 after 1100Z and please standby for North America occsionally. You were Q5 copy in Texas both bands on my rotatble dipole and my vertical. Hope to work you for a new RTTY country.

  4. Hi, Janusz and Bogdan!
    Thank you for your activity.
    You are my ATNO, and now I have XX9 on 5 bandslots! Due to much QRM situation on your side it’s very difficult to make QSO on 30m and lower bands. Please use split always anywhere if it possible!
    And I hope you’ll upload both yours logs into LoTW after DX-pedition 🙂
    Wish you fine propagation, low noise and best weather in Macao during your vacation!
    Sergey, RU6B

  5. XX9TIH was good copy this morning in Texas for about 5-10 minutes on 14.085 around 13:45Z (Short Path). I tried to bust JA pileup but no luck.

    Please listen for NA at this time.

    73 Tim K5AC
    Looking for XX9 for #330 on RTTY!

  6. Thanks for your great efforts, guyz! :<)

    Just a comment: You have been 100% copy here on 20m round 1315-1400UTC or so when you have been working EU. XX9 ix extremely rare here, particularly on RTTY. While the east and west "coasts" of NA have decent paths to XX9, the "RF black hole" of the middle/midwest NA is is not so fortunate. Very short openings. If you can call by areas (e.g., "NA/SA" you might find it helpful — I know we would! :<)

    Again — thanks for being there!



    1. I noticed that people can copy me much better then I copy them. After request on DX Summit for 20m I turnrd Spiderbeam towards US and I could hear that few HAMs called me but no chance to get any callsign. Everything was far down below noise level. Similar situation today long path on 12m. I worked only 2 stations from US but I had signs of several callers – my copmputer refuse to decode such low signals.

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